Crystal Edwards
As we began handing out the supplies we collected, many of us were amazed at how thankful the students were to receive even one pencil. Throughout the entire interaction I continued to think about the major differences between American children and all the Ghanaian children we have come into contact with thus far, and there is such a contrast. The children here are extremely appreciative and well mannered. They seem to possess the same admirable qualities that the adults display, like kindness, humility, and genuine hospitality. I think it is impossible for one to be unchanged, at least remotely, after seeing and experiencing all we have thus far.
Crystal Edwards Ghana, West Africa Study Abroad Student Summer 2009

Tamara Spiller
What I cherish, significantly more than all of those experiences combined…. was our decision to donate to a local orphanage. Those children were confronted with numerous hindrances but they did not allow their predicaments to diminish their spirits. Instead they were happy, welcoming and appreciative of the gifts that were given and the time that was spent. The children at the orphanage displayed anomalistic qualities that I seldom see in the states and I was grateful to have met their acquaintance.
Tamara Spiller Ghana, West Africa Study Abroad Student Summer 2009

Jasmine Black
How different it is to see a child thirsty for education when you are used to so many who do not value it…


Jasmine Black Ghana, West Africa Study Abroad Student Summer 2009

Christine Paul
When Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of Ghana met the children at his old primary school he marveled at how the children would one day become the future of Ghana and briefly reflected on all those who worked together to ensure his success as a student (Nkrumah, I Speak of Freedom).
Christine Paul Ghana, West Africa Study Abroad Student Summer 2009